Three years ago, the indigenous people Krenak suffered the greatest mining pollution in Brazil. A mining waste storage basin, owned by the multinational Samarco, broke down. Huge amounts of toxic waste devastated the Rio Doce river valley, where the Krenak people live.

The massive pollution of their lands has destroyed the daily life of the Krenak by depriving them of their traditional means of subsistence. The Krenak can no longer fish, drink or swim in the water of the Rio Doce and their agricultural and economic activities are undermined. The destruction of their sacred river is also a deep spiritual wound for the Krenak whose culture is deeply connected to the water of the Rio Doce.

Three years later, Krenak’s rights are still violated, ecosystems are destroyed, and no official has been sentenced. This crime must not go unpunished!

I join today the Krenak resistance to denounce the violation of their rights and the imperiled of their way of life. I call for international solidarity for justice to be finally done!