France Libertés supported hundreds of field projects during the last 30 years.

The projects support has always been a bilateral relation for the Foundation. Of course its role is to support financially public interests actions, however the Foundation never rejected our partner’s ability to surprise us and to teach us various concepts and practices used elsewhere.

The projects support helps organizations in the implementation of actions for human rights and protection of the commons. It means a financial support and an assistance to the communities working to get an access to their richness (specifically water) and to protect their way of living and their traditional knowledges. 

We select awareness, informative, abilities reinforcement, advocacy, management system’s setting up, preservation or reinforcement-oriented projects. These kinds of projects suffer from a lack of visibility and interest from the funders. France Libertés wants to give the opportunity to these organizations to make their field projects made into reality and valued.

We want to promote visionary solutions in order to highlight alternative societies models which are more humanistic and ecological to rethink the dominant paradigm. 


In 2010 France Libertés launched its first call to proposals : “Water, common of humanity”, which supported the actors working to promote the access to water, its preservation and its democratic management. The thirteen projects (1 in South Africa, 1 in Guinea, 1 in Uganda, 1 in Bolivia, 1 in Chile, 1 in Colombia, 1 in Peru, 3 in India, 1 in Moldova and a transnational one) ended in 2012.

From Mauritania to Chile, from India to Moldova, these projects illustrate the values shared with France Libertés through concrete advocacy and awareness-raising efforts. These project promote water as a common of humanity, fundamental right which has to be managed in a public and participatory way.

In September 2013, France Libertés launched a second call to proposals : “What indigenous peoples have to say about their right to water” for the financing of micro-projects working to promote and defend the right to water and sanitation for indigenous peoples. Nine micro-projects were chosen (1 in Togo, 1 in Uganda, 1 in Bangladesh, 3 in India, 1 in Mexico, 1 in Paraguay and 1 in Chile) and were implemented in 2014.

In March 2014, France Libertés launched a third call to proposals : “the right to water facing extractive activities”. Nine field projects were chosen and implemented worldwide : Uruguay, Tunisia, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Uganda, France, United States, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya.

These projects ended between September 2015 and April 2016. However it doesn’t mark the end of the mobilization. The challenges posed by extractive industries to human rights and in particular to the human right to water are indeed still increasing. Between 2017 and 2018, thanks to Fondation Abbé Pierre, 4 projects were still ongoing.

In 2019, three new projects about the fight against climate change through water will be supported by France Libertés.